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I have spent most of my career as a mobile software engineer including running a Startup called Jandus Mobile Solutions for 4 years.

My passion is working on various mobile projects ranging from entertainment and music to fashion, beauty and lifestyle apps. I particularly focus on apps that solve issues for underrepresented minorities.

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Khin helps you find your community in a new town to help you adjust to relocation, foreign exchange studies or travel. With Khin you can connect, chat , message, plan events and share music playlists.
Get the latest news with a localized news feed for your community, music and playlist suggestions, also discover social events near you.
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Afrocast gives you access to all your favorite podcasts in one app. Some of our favorites include You Had Me at Black, The Read, Two Brown Girls, Neck of the Woods and many more!
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Jandus is a mobile application that allows you to listen to Nigerian radio and other African Radio Stations on your mobile phone anywhere in the world.
(App has been discontinued.)

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The App Guide

The app guide is an instruction manual written to provide you with a guideline for effectively managing your app development projects.
Click here for your free copy!

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WTEC Training Camp

Taught over 31 students basic concepts of mobile development, UX and UI design and monetization strategies for mobile applications. - Womens Technology Empowerment Center (WTEC) Nigeria- Aug 2014 - Lagos, Nigeria.

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